The Woods Of Hawaii

When people think of Hawaii they probably think of beaches and palm trees. They might think palms are the only or most common tree in Hawaii. But Hawaii has woods and other trees. The most abundant tree here is the ohia. The second most common tree is the koa. They both are endemic to Hawaii. Another tree that is commonly found here is the eucalyptus with many different species. The eucalyptus I show in the video was introduced into Hawaii in the late 1800s as a timber tree. It is the Eucalyptus robusta or swamp mahogany. Go to my youtube channel Wonderful Wandering Topics to see the Woods Of Hawaii video or all my other videos.

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The Spirit of Aloha and Nature

Being in Nature plays an important roll in conditioning us to be gentle and kind towards each other and the environment. We feel our connection to being in the presence of ‘the breath of life’ that energy that guides us, or we should let it guide us, towards a more peaceful existence with each other. Here in Hawaii we try to stay in the Spirit of Aloha to accomplish that atmosphere. For more on this and some peaceful video clips go to my youtube channel Wonderful Wandering Topics and my new video ‘The Spirit of Aloha What Is It’. I have several other nature videos and other topics there.

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Old Lava Flows In Hawaii

I recently posted a video of old lava around Hilo Hawaii and at Hawaii Volcanos National Park. It is on my youtube channel Wonderful Wandering Topics. Walking over old lava is an interesting adventure. As you will see you have to be careful and watch every step.


Hawaii Active Volcano

Last year I visited the Hawaii Volcanos National Park on the Big Island of Hawaii where I live. I filmed the trip which I will post below.

My thoughts on the area are that it is a spectacular site to view when there is flowing lava. And I was surprised that with such an active volatile event going on there were still areas where it was quiet and peaceful. Here is the first trip in the video. The next blog post will be the hike I took in that area on the Kilauea Iki Trail.

Garden Greens and Radicchio Update

Greens do well in containers as long as the depth of the container is deep enough. The containers should be a little deeper than the ones in the photos. But even in this size the greens do well for several months.

The Radicchio is doing better from the stem end cuttings than from the seeds. I tried two different seed sources. Each had different leaf coloration and not even trying to form a head. But the leaves were excellent for several months.

Watch my video for more details and a step by step demonstration of how to start the Radicchio from the stem end of a Radicchio head. Here it is is

If the link doesn’t work go to youtube and type in my channel name Wonderful Wandering Topics.

Here are a few photos of the greens including the Radicchio.

From top left: Red Russian Kale, top right Radicchio from seed, middle left Broccoli raab, middle right Radicchio from stem cutting, bottom Radicchio from stem cutting trying to form head.

Even though nighttime teperatures have been in the lower 60s the Radicchio might not form a head in this climate but it is trying.

Peace Love Harmony – Pass It On

With all that is happening every day to rob us of our peace and trnquility I felt moved to start a new playlist on my youtube channel – Wonderful Wandering Topics  The title of the new playlist is Peace Love Tranquility – Pass It On. In this series of one minute videos I will share with you my favorite spots in nature where I am at peace and revitalized.

When we are at peace with ourselves we tend to better love our surroundings and the people around us. That feeling brings us in harmony with the environment and people whether they are close to us or not. I will have more on harmony in the next post.

I include the Pass It On in the title not only in the hope that you pass the link of these posts and videos on to the people you know, but that you also begin to create videos, audio, or written words on the subject of Peace Love Harmony. Here is my first one minute video. Peace and Love, Jimmy

Hidden Walk To Ocean – Hawaii

I took a short walk to the ocean on a hidden trail on the Big Island of Hawaii. I also have a video of this walk at  To get there drive  past the Port of Hilo and continue on that road until you see the Lokowaka Pond on the right. Then immediately on the left is Carl Smith Beach Park.  Credit google Earth Maps for these next two maps.


Then still on the left there is a large condo. Just past the condo is the entrance to a small parking lot marked by the first set of red and white poles. The red line is the trail.


Ocean Walk 4Ocean Walk 5

The second set of red and white poles mark the trail entrance.

Ocean Walk 3Ocean Walk6Ocean Walk 7Ocean Walk 2Ocean Walk 1

For the five or ten minute walk it is mostly jungle type surroudings before it opens up to a small stand of trees and then an old lava flow that went into the ocean. See my blog on this site archives for August 2012 for more about old lava flows.

Bring your mosquitto protection and watch out for high waves. Also if you watch the video you will see how dangerous it can be walking on the old lava flow.

In The Garden – Radicchio

A few months ago I started experimenting with growing the salad green radicchio. I started the plants from seeds. I also am trying a method that I heard works with cabbage. That method is to use the stem end. Radicchio is cosidered a slightly bitter salad green although it can be mostly red. It is related to endive and escarole. It is in the chicory family. Although for those scientific minded gardeners it is said to be in the Compositae family that includes sunflowers.

Growing radicchio from seeds is basically like most vegetables. I prefer to start seeds in small cell packs rather than direct seeding in the garden. When the first true leaves appear I transplant the seedlings into 4″ pots. Then I transplant into the garden or a large container when plants are 4″ to 6″ tall. I explain this method in detail in my gardening book on the iTunes store (see the link on the sidebar).

The seed method went well except the germination percentage was low. And, the seeds may have been mixed with an odd variety of radicchio. The midrib on the plants from these seeds is red instead of white. The company sent me a replacement packet of seeds they got from Italy. Stay tuned for those results. Here in Hawaii most of the year the temperatures are warm to hot so radicchio will not form heads and the leaves are mostly dark green with tnges of red. The red appears more pronounced as the teperature gets cooler. But the leaves are still edible. In the winter we get a little lower temps and the plants might produce small heads here in Hawaii.

The stem end method is interesting. You get another plant from the original vegetable. This way saves time and money. Radicchio is expensive. But if you purchase one head you can eventually get another plant from it so you can cut the price at least in half. I purchased the radicchio head for these tests. So far it looks like you will only get leaves from this method and it will not form heads. But I only recently started testing this method so keep checking back on any new developments.

With the stem method you purchase a head of radicchio from the store. You the either cut out the stem end right away or wait until you finish eating the leaves. Then you can plant that stem end in the garden or put into a jar top and put on a windowsill for a couple of days, then into the garden. Either way you choose the leaves will appear first and get to a good size before roots develope.

You can watch a video of growing radicchio that is on my youtube channel Wonderful Wandering Topics or go directly to the radicchio video at

Revitalizing This Site

I have decided to revitalize this site for a number of reasons. There just isn’t enough peaceful, tranquil, nature words, photos, or videos out in the media. I feel that all of us that can should make an attempt to overwelm all the negative press that bombards us every day. So I am starting with me.

I already recently started a youtube channel where I began posting nature and other videos. You are welcome to visit there at Wonderful Wandering Topics

Even the videos that may not seem to have a nature theme probably will have nature scenes. I am in Hawaii after all and nature is all around me. For instance there is my first road trip video with my new Prius. The trip was to a short hiking trail to Onomea Bay ( see the photo on this post). Join me on these adventures on youtube and here. On this site I will try to write more in depth about those video adventures.

Peace, Love, and Harmony, Jimmy

Onomea 6


Special Moments In Nature

Surrounded by Blue

Surrounded by Blue

Often in nature we feel peace and tranquility. Sometimes there are special moments beyond even that. Those moments can bring into focus subtle energies beyond what we could have imagined.

These special moments, these magical moments, although they happen infrequently, can have a profound effect on us forever. This is not new. This is not a new discovery. Ancient peoples knew this and practiced it as a way of life. It has been mostly lost over time.

Feeling or even seeing subtle energies can be elusive for some people – maybe most people. These subtle energy vibrations are seen by some, others feel it, others hear it, and yet others have visions of things not yet made visible. The experience can help them with things that are occurring in their bodies or lives. And yes, many people will not sense these energies in any way that they can perceive. Oddly enough, they might be helped by those energies without knowing it.

Putting ourselves in nature, being in nature as often as possible with an awareness and open mind increases our chances of being present at such a moment. Magical moments can happen when you least expect it. Two of my interactive ebooks on tranquility can help get started ( click on the Books button for descriptions and links to the books). Future ebooks will go deeper into the theme of this post.

Sensing energy

Sensing energy

In the above photo, Ellen a friend of mine is feeling one of those moments.

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