Appreciating Nature

We are not the only ones that enjoy nature. Nature enjoys nature. These two raccoons are wonderful examples of that.  Someone I worked with in South Florida nursed them back to health. They stayed with her for a long time while still getting out into nature. The other photo is a bird along the shore of the Big Island of Hawaii.

It is wonderful for us to get out into nature every chance we get. And while being there appreciating the natural world we have been given. It is nice to not only be grateful for nature itself, but also that even in big city areas some people years ago, decades ago thought enough to set aside and protect some natural areas from any development. Thank you to them.

What can we do to protect the legacy of parks, forests, woods, and other natural lands? I feel we can do this by enjoying and utilizing them in a thoughtful and respectful way. We can leave them as pristine as when we entered. We can support the continued protection of those lands from development, and seek to get even more land protected.

What do you think?

Peace Jimmy



  1. Linda nowland

    Yes. I grew up outdoors! Tonite at whole foods I was excited cause they had bunches of lilac for sale. I spent hrs inthe midst do 3huge white and lavender lilacs we had. The aroma! But”……the ones at the store had almost no smell at all! What’s up with today’s flowers?

  2. Those of us that have been in the outdoors all our lives remember the subtle things like aromas. I wonder if they treat the flowers with something to make them last longer with the side effect of losing the smell.

    • Linda nowland

      I wonder if they grow in a hot house and thus do not have bees and other things visiting them.

  3. Lovely peaceful feelings I get from this. Thank you.

    • Hattie,Thank you for your comment. I’m happy you felt the peaceful feeling.

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