Coconut Island

The view of Coconut Island from a short distance away.

This is the first sign you see when approaching the parking lot for Coconut Island.

This footbridge is the only way to get there unless you swim or use a small boat.

There is a sign telling the history of the area.

Height markers on a coconut palm trunk showing the heights of various tsunami waves that hit Hilo.

The marker for the highest tsunami wave.

This is one of the energy areas on Coconut Island.

People, especially children, often swim in this area.

Watching the Disney cruise ship pull into Hilo Bay on a rainy day.

Adjacent to Liliuokalani Gardens (see my last post) and near Banyon Drive in Hilo, Hawaii is Moku Ola. Moku is island; Ola is life. It is commonly called Coconut Island. Coconut Island is thought of as a healing island as that was its purpose in Hawaiian history. And, many of us that frequent the island today feel it has that energy. Festivals are held there several times during the year. But, everyday it is used for peaceful outings by locals and tourists.

Coconut Island is a small island about the size of a football field. For a tiny island it has several different spaces to enjoy. It has a large grassy center area and around the outside perimeter there are many large coconut palms. Situated here and there around the island are various small areas with each having an energy of its own. You can see a couple of those areas in the photos above.


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  1. Seth DeFilippis

    Great pics If Hilo side and coconut island. All of the big island has do many magical places. It is wonderful to revisit paradise through your post Jimmy. Thank you and Aloha.
    Looking forward to your E books. 🙂

    • Aloha Seth, and thank you for your comment.

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