Nature ebook Update

Now available in the itunes bookstore

My first ebook, Your Guide To Tranquility, is now available on the itunes bookstore for one dollar and 99 cents US. At this time it can only be downloaded to an Apple ipad that has the free ibooks app. Hopefully in the future it will be available for more devices. The book has over 50 photos and 8 short videos to help you relax and calm your body, mind, and get in tune with your spiritual tendencies all in the serene surroundings of nature. It is an overview with specific suggestions of where to go and what to do to utilize nature in our quest for a more peaceful, tranquil life.

Above is the cover of the book. Click on the link below this paragraph to see the book description page in the itunes bookstore. You can view the page on any device or computer. You are welcome to share the link with anybody you think would be interested. Also, see my books page on this site.

If the link doesn’t work or if you don’t like to click on links then you can go to the itunes bookstore and search for the title or search for me the author, Jimmy DeFilippis.

A reminder to anyone outside the United States – the book is only on the US store. If you would like it to be made available in your country just send me a comment on this blog and I would be happy to add the itunes bookstore in your country. The book is written in English only.



  1. Linda Nowland

    See I got it and will look later about downloading

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thanks for letting me know you got the notice.

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