Old Lava Flows, Hilo, Hawaii

Old lava flow meets the sea

Old lava flow meets the sea

Old lava flow meets the sea

Cracks on old lava flow

Old lava flow crack or fissure – a closer look

Old lava flow contrasts with blue ocean

Close up of old lava flow

Stone and cement walkway steps built into old lava flow

These photos were all taken in the Hilo, Hawaii area. The last active lava flow to threaten Hilo was in 1984. It came within 4 miles of Hilo before it stopped. Other flows in 1852 and 1942 stopped about the same distance away. In 1855 one flow came a little closer. In 1881 one came to within what is now Hilo town but didn’t advance to the sea.

The lava flows that made it to the sea in the Hilo area date back a lot further than 1881. The old flows in these photos occurred well before that date.

The active lava flow on the Big Island today is at the Volcanos National Park and at times does reach the sea. It is no threat to Hilo since it is about 30 miles away and flowing in the opposite direction.

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  1. Linda Nowland

    It makes me cooler just to see the ocean and imagine the spray! Linda

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thanks Linda. It is even cooler to be here and be able to photograph it.

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