Birds in Hawaii

In one of my next ebooks scheduled for next year I will have a section on birds. In my already published ebook, Your Guide To Tranquility, I mention the idea that watching animals in nature can often be a relaxing and tranquil experience. Birds, especially in water, are the best example of that. But, besides that aspect, birds are an interesting and educational past time in your home state or country and whenever you travel to different locations.

Here are some preview photos of some birds I photographed and filmed in Hawaii. Note that although these are still images, my ebooks also include video of some of these birds. See the Books page on this web site to learn more about these types of ebooks and the ebooks I have published already.

Hawaiian stilt

Hawaiian stilt

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis

Hawaiian coot

Hawaiian coot

Hawaiian hawk

Hawaiian hawk

My newest ebook is now available on the iTunes iBookstore. It is titled, Deep Tranquility- Visual Meditations With Nature. Here is the link to the description page:

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  1. Julie Cade Bon

    Great! I didn’t know that Ibis were in Hawaii! where did you shoot that picture?

    • Thanks Julie, The photo was taken at the pond next to the Seaside Restaurant near Richardson Beach Park in Keaukaha. I was surprised to see it also.

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