Peacock Birds

Most people go to a zoo to see and photograph wild animals. I went to the local zoo because I knew they had farm animals. I thought I would get good photos of  something like goats. I hadn’t thought they would have peacock birds. I spent most of my time there getting some good images and video of the peacocks. The colors, shapes, and designs on the birds are even more pronounced when you zoom in. It brought me back to the summer days I used to spend on my grandmother’s farm. She had a wide variety  of domestic and wild birds including peacocks. The following images were taken with a Sony NX70 and Sony HX200.

Full view

Full view


A little closer view

A little closer view

Zoomed in©2013 Jimmy DeFilippis

Zoomed in
©2013 Jimmy DeFilippis


Look for future video and more images especially in my ebooks. Check out my ebook page.




  1. Linda Nowland

    Fantastic color and plumage!

    Sent from my iPad

    • Thanks Linda. I was overwhelmed with the colors.

  2. Belinda & Hal

    what an explosion of color – cool how you made the graduation and then the final close-up…the colors just pop!

  3. Julie

    Nice images, Jimmy. I also appreciate the fond memories they brought back to me, of going to the zoo with my aunt. We both really enjoyed the birds, and your pictures captured them well.

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