Special Moments In Nature

Surrounded by Blue

Surrounded by Blue

Often in nature we feel peace and tranquility. Sometimes there are special moments beyond even that. Those moments can bring into focus subtle energies beyond what we could have imagined.

These special moments, these magical moments, although they happen infrequently, can have a profound effect on us forever. This is not new. This is not a new discovery. Ancient peoples knew this and practiced it as a way of life. It has been mostly lost over time.

Feeling or even seeing subtle energies can be elusive for some people – maybe most people. These subtle energy vibrations are seen by some, others feel it, others hear it, and yet others have visions of things not yet made visible. The experience can help them with things that are occurring in their bodies or lives. And yes, many people will not sense these energies in any way that they can perceive. Oddly enough, they might be helped by those energies without knowing it.

Putting ourselves in nature, being in nature as often as possible with an awareness and open mind increases our chances of being present at such a moment. Magical moments can happen when you least expect it. Two of my interactive ebooks on tranquility can help get started ( click on the Books button for descriptions and links to the books). Future ebooks will go deeper into the theme of this post.

Sensing energy

Sensing energy

In the above photo, Ellen a friend of mine is feeling one of those moments.



  1. Linda nowland

    Wish I was there!

    • Wish you were too. Thanks for the comment

  2. Julie

    Hi—finally catching up and found this lovely post. Great thoughts and a wonderful blue image. I shared it on Facebook just now.

  3. Thanks Julie. And thank you for sharing.

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