Revitalizing This Site

I have decided to revitalize this site for a number of reasons. There just isn’t enough peaceful, tranquil, nature words, photos, or videos out in the media. I feel that all of us that can should make an attempt to overwelm all the negative press that bombards us every day. So I am starting with me.

I already recently started a youtube channel where I began posting nature and other videos. You are welcome to visit there at Wonderful Wandering Topics

Even the videos that may not seem to have a nature theme probably will have nature scenes. I am in Hawaii after all and nature is all around me. For instance there is my first road trip video with my new Prius. The trip was to a short hiking trail to Onomea Bay ( see the photo on this post). Join me on these adventures on youtube and here. On this site I will try to write more in depth about those video adventures.

Peace, Love, and Harmony, Jimmy

Onomea 6




  1. Keep going Jimmy. Hope to get back to Hilo one of these days for a stay. Until then making the most of nature where we are here in the Sacramento Valley of California.


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    • Good to hear from you Pat. It would be nice to see you and Patty when you make it back to Hilo. I still walk at the park almost everyday. I have a new Prius now. Thanks for continuing to follow me. I hope you enjoy this site and my youtube channel. Peace, Jimmy

  2. Belinda Cole-Schwartz

    You have a zen-like quality with your nature videos. Makes one pay more attention to the silence. Mahalo.

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