Hidden Walk To Ocean – Hawaii

I took a short walk to the ocean on a hidden trail on the Big Island of Hawaii. I also have a video of this walk at youtu.be/ecY6YlvNgZk  To get there drive  past the Port of Hilo and continue on that road until you see the Lokowaka Pond on the right. Then immediately on the left is Carl Smith Beach Park.  Credit google Earth Maps for these next two maps.


Then still on the left there is a large condo. Just past the condo is the entrance to a small parking lot marked by the first set of red and white poles. The red line is the trail.


Ocean Walk 4Ocean Walk 5

The second set of red and white poles mark the trail entrance.

Ocean Walk 3Ocean Walk6Ocean Walk 7Ocean Walk 2Ocean Walk 1

For the five or ten minute walk it is mostly jungle type surroudings before it opens up to a small stand of trees and then an old lava flow that went into the ocean. See my blog on this site archives for August 2012 for more about old lava flows.

Bring your mosquitto protection and watch out for high waves. Also if you watch the video you will see how dangerous it can be walking on the old lava flow.



  1. Belinda Cole-Schwartz

    Nice filming along the path and the ocean. Giving away all of our secrets, eh?

  2. Thanks Belinda. You saw it before I sent out the notices. I forgot now that I link the youtube with my wordpress website you must get a notice from wordpress that there is a new post. Thanks again for watching.

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