Peace Love Harmony – Pass It On

With all that is happening every day to rob us of our peace and trnquility I felt moved to start a new playlist on my youtube channel – Wonderful Wandering Topics  The title of the new playlist is Peace Love Tranquility – Pass It On. In this series of one minute videos I will share with you my favorite spots in nature where I am at peace and revitalized.

When we are at peace with ourselves we tend to better love our surroundings and the people around us. That feeling brings us in harmony with the environment and people whether they are close to us or not. I will have more on harmony in the next post.

I include the Pass It On in the title not only in the hope that you pass the link of these posts and videos on to the people you know, but that you also begin to create videos, audio, or written words on the subject of Peace Love Harmony. Here is my first one minute video. Peace and Love, Jimmy



  1. Patrick Watters

    Namaste Jimmy, Aloha & Mahalo.

    Passed it on . . .

    • Aloha Pat, and thank you for reading the post and watching the video.

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