Garden Greens and Radicchio Update

Greens do well in containers as long as the depth of the container is deep enough. The containers should be a little deeper than the ones in the photos. But even in this size the greens do well for several months.

The Radicchio is doing better from the stem end cuttings than from the seeds. I tried two different seed sources. Each had different leaf coloration and not even trying to form a head. But the leaves were excellent for several months.

Watch my video for more details and a step by step demonstration of how to start the Radicchio from the stem end of a Radicchio head. Here it is is

If the link doesn’t work go to youtube and type in my channel name Wonderful Wandering Topics.

Here are a few photos of the greens including the Radicchio.

From top left: Red Russian Kale, top right Radicchio from seed, middle left Broccoli raab, middle right Radicchio from stem cutting, bottom Radicchio from stem cutting trying to form head.

Even though nighttime teperatures have been in the lower 60s the Radicchio might not form a head in this climate but it is trying.


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