I currently have ebooks published or in progress. They are being designed by me with the Apple software called iBooks Author. At this time, the books published with the iBooks Author can only be read on an Apple iPad and now the iPad Mini. My books published or in progress have the following subject matter:

Books available now.

Now available in the iTunes iBookstore

1.The first book, Your Guide To Tranquility. Here is the link

Or search title, Your Guide To Tranquility, or search author, Jimmy DeFilippis.

2. A book about vegetable gardening, and the book Deep Tranquility are now available. Here is the links:

Direct Link


Direct Link



Books in progress:

1. A book about trees available next year

2. A book about my travels available later next year

3. An experimental book taking advantage of all the media possibilities in story telling

These are the books published or in progress. I have several more that are only in the idea stage. You can check back here for updates and photos of the covers and links to the iTunes iBookstore when each one is published.

These books are and will continue to be interactive ebooks with lots of photos and several videos in the book. If you are not familiar with this new type of book, they also can include 3D images, galleries, interactive images, keynote presentations, review questions, and as I mentioned videos actually in the ebooks. Note that my ebooks are now available not only in the United States iBookstore, but also in Australia, Canada, Ireland, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. Anyone in any other country wishing to have my books available in their country iBookstore please leave a comment on this website/blog and I will make it available in your country.



  1. Belinda & Hal

    What a new way of seeing Coconut Island. Good job, thank you. Looking forward to seeing all your up coming projects!

    • Thanks for the comment Belinda and Hal

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