Peacock Birds

Most people go to a zoo to see and photograph wild animals. I went to the local zoo because I knew they had farm animals. I thought I would get good photos of  something like goats. I hadn’t thought they would have peacock birds. I spent most of my time there getting some good images and video of the peacocks. The colors, shapes, and designs on the birds are even more pronounced when you zoom in. It brought me back to the summer days I used to spend on my grandmother’s farm. She had a wide variety  of domestic and wild birds including peacocks. The following images were taken with a Sony NX70 and Sony HX200.

Full view

Full view


A little closer view

A little closer view

Zoomed in©2013 Jimmy DeFilippis

Zoomed in
©2013 Jimmy DeFilippis


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Birds in Hawaii

In one of my next ebooks scheduled for next year I will have a section on birds. In my already published ebook, Your Guide To Tranquility, I mention the idea that watching animals in nature can often be a relaxing and tranquil experience. Birds, especially in water, are the best example of that. But, besides that aspect, birds are an interesting and educational past time in your home state or country and whenever you travel to different locations.

Here are some preview photos of some birds I photographed and filmed in Hawaii. Note that although these are still images, my ebooks also include video of some of these birds. See the Books page on this web site to learn more about these types of ebooks and the ebooks I have published already.

Hawaiian stilt

Hawaiian stilt

Glossy Ibis

Glossy Ibis

Hawaiian coot

Hawaiian coot

Hawaiian hawk

Hawaiian hawk

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Hibiscus Flowers in Hawaii

There are many types of hibiscus flowers. They can be seen in various colors. They rival roses in the number of cultivars that are available. Cultivars are plants that have been selected and propagated by cuttings rather than seeds. Here are some images of hibiscus flowers I have photographed around Hawaii  Island, the Big Island.



Lilikoi Yellow Hibiscus

Hula Girl Hibiscus


Hibiscus rosa senensis

Hibiscus sabdariffa



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Old Lava Flows, Hilo, Hawaii

Old lava flow meets the sea

Old lava flow meets the sea

Old lava flow meets the sea

Cracks on old lava flow

Old lava flow crack or fissure – a closer look

Old lava flow contrasts with blue ocean

Close up of old lava flow

Stone and cement walkway steps built into old lava flow

These photos were all taken in the Hilo, Hawaii area. The last active lava flow to threaten Hilo was in 1984. It came within 4 miles of Hilo before it stopped. Other flows in 1852 and 1942 stopped about the same distance away. In 1855 one flow came a little closer. In 1881 one came to within what is now Hilo town but didn’t advance to the sea.

The lava flows that made it to the sea in the Hilo area date back a lot further than 1881. The old flows in these photos occurred well before that date.

The active lava flow on the Big Island today is at the Volcanos National Park and at times does reach the sea. It is no threat to Hilo since it is about 30 miles away and flowing in the opposite direction.

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My first ebook, Your Guide To Tranquility, is now available on the itunes bookstore for one dollar and 99 cents US. At this time it can only be downloaded to an Apple ipad that has the free ibooks app. Hopefully in the future it will be available for more devices. The book has over 50 photos and 8 short videos to help you relax and calm your body, mind, and get in tune with your spiritual tendencies all in the serene surroundings of nature. It is an overview with specific suggestions of where to go and what to do to utilize nature in our quest for a more peaceful, tranquil life.

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Coconut Island

The view of Coconut Island from a short distance away.

This is the first sign you see when approaching the parking lot for Coconut Island.

This footbridge is the only way to get there unless you swim or use a small boat.

There is a sign telling the history of the area.

Height markers on a coconut palm trunk showing the heights of various tsunami waves that hit Hilo.

The marker for the highest tsunami wave.

This is one of the energy areas on Coconut Island.

People, especially children, often swim in this area.

Watching the Disney cruise ship pull into Hilo Bay on a rainy day.

Adjacent to Liliuokalani Gardens (see my last post) and near Banyon Drive in Hilo, Hawaii is Moku Ola. Moku is island; Ola is life. It is commonly called Coconut Island. Coconut Island is thought of as a healing island as that was its purpose in Hawaiian history. And, many of us that frequent the island today feel it has that energy. Festivals are held there several times during the year. But, everyday it is used for peaceful outings by locals and tourists.

Coconut Island is a small island about the size of a football field. For a tiny island it has several different spaces to enjoy. It has a large grassy center area and around the outside perimeter there are many large coconut palms. Situated here and there around the island are various small areas with each having an energy of its own. You can see a couple of those areas in the photos above.


There is a new page on this site about the ebooks I am preparing for the ipad. Just click on Books on the top of this page or at the sidebar to the right for the information. Also, since this blog is viewed by people from around the world, if you would like the books made available in your country leave a comment on this blog.

Lili’uokalani Gardens

Gardens named for a former Queen of Hawaii.

Queen Ema spider lily in foreground in the Gardens with a rainbow on Hilo Bay

A place to rest in the garden.

The stone bridge over the water.

My favorite tree on the right, a Norfork Island pine.

Bamboo in the Gardens

Peaceful areas

Lili’uokalani Gardens is situated on Hilo Bay. It is only 5 minutes drive from downtown Hilo. It is my home away from home. I walk and do tai chi and chi gung there almost every day. It is a peaceful area. Even though it gets a lot of tourists, that doesn’t spoil the peace. Everyone entering the Gardens becomes a part of the peaceful atmosphere.

Next post will be about Coconut Island which is adjacent to the Gardens.

Peace, Jimmy

Appreciating Nature

We are not the only ones that enjoy nature. Nature enjoys nature. These two raccoons are wonderful examples of that.  Someone I worked with in South Florida nursed them back to health. They stayed with her for a long time while still getting out into nature. The other photo is a bird along the shore of the Big Island of Hawaii.

It is wonderful for us to get out into nature every chance we get. And while being there appreciating the natural world we have been given. It is nice to not only be grateful for nature itself, but also that even in big city areas some people years ago, decades ago thought enough to set aside and protect some natural areas from any development. Thank you to them.

What can we do to protect the legacy of parks, forests, woods, and other natural lands? I feel we can do this by enjoying and utilizing them in a thoughtful and respectful way. We can leave them as pristine as when we entered. We can support the continued protection of those lands from development, and seek to get even more land protected.

What do you think?

Peace Jimmy

Nature Close Up

Nature is often viewed as majestic views or at least the large scene we see in front of us. Stopping and looking closer at the scene will most times yield an equally majestic or interesting view.

Since I was a child I always looked closer at nature. Years later as an agricultural research field technician I sharpened my observation skills. I learned to look even further into the natural world. In doing so I developed a deeper appreciation for nature.

Often while hiking out in nature it is easy to get caught up in the scenery before our eyes. It should become a common practice to stop once in a while not just to rest but also to observe. Look up, look down, and look closer at everything around you. Carry a magnifying glass with you to be able to look even closer. When I was in ag research it was necessary to carry one. I still carry one 10 years into retirement. I must admit I carry it mostly to read labels at the grocery store these days. Also, if you do photography learn how to do close ups.

The following images were taken many years ago using a now ancient 35mm camera with special lens attachments for taking extreme close ups. I learned the technique from the book, Field Photography, by Alfred Blaker. He also wrote one on lab photography. It is all about setting up the old 35mm cameras to do the work.

Recently I had many of my 35mm kodachrome slides digitized. Presented here are 3 of the close ups. Eventually you will get to see not only more close ups, but also scenery shots in this blog and in future books.

Thank you for respecting my copyright on all my photos and also other bloggers photos.

Orange Dog Caterpillar

The caterpillar is on a citrus leaf that it likes to eat. It is unusual for the red antennae to be showing. They are usually retracted. This was in South Florida.

Carpenter Ant

This carpenter ant was around a coconut palm in South Florida.

Planthopper, Myndus crudus
©2012 Jimmy DeFilippis

This planthopper likes to feed on coconut palm leaflets which it is doing in the photo. It is only 5mm in length. It required a 3x telephoto extender and extension tubes placed between a 50mm lens and the camera. It was a lot of work to hold the camera steady even with using a flash unit.

It’s wonderful to see things otherwise hidden in nature. Peace, Naturebeing

Colorful Birds

My cousin Tina’s husband Steve would have enjoyed seeing all the colorful tiny birds here in Hawaii. I saw this one resting on my car parked near the ocean.

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